Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun


BlueWhere Blue Meets Blue

The King

Roads In Disrepair
Peach Song
Portrait of a Girl and Her Parents
Where Blue Meets Blue
River Song
Cows On the Highway

Wild Birds

Hello In There
The Golden Gate Bridge
Sea of Snow
Flowers on the Weekend
You Will Know God


We figured out on my 6th recording, the guitar sounds more like one with mono miking. Simple. The title song is for my cousin Aram, we were separated for 23 years by a family conflict. A happy reunion. I had a breakthrough in understanding music theory, chord structure and modes. There are 4 songs here where I created a guitar break by moving the shape of the melody along the scale into another mode. "Where Blue Meets Blue," the break is in the Locrian mode; "You Will Know God," Mixolydian; "Cows on the Highway," Phrygian; and "The King," Dorian. There's a strong feeling of family here for me, "Buffalo" is about the family connection running through generations; "Portrait of a Girl and her Parents" was written for my mother. I included songs by other artists for the first time, Kate MacLeod's "Wild Birds" and John Prine's "Hello in There." "Roads in Disrepair", written in the laundry room at 1434 Jarvis Street in Chicago in 1984, is one of my most requested songs. I wrote the original set of lyrics in 40 minutes, but it took me fifteen years to figure out how to rewrite a couple of weak lines, and I put another few weeks' work into the guitar part. "Reflections", "Sea of Snow" and "Flowers on the Weekend" were written in the early seventies, evoking the heaviness of that Watergate period.

Where Blue Meets Blue is available through Waterbug Records and for download at CDBaby

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