Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun

Bound To Go

Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel
Roll, Jordan, Roll
Turkle Dove
Bound to Go
O'er the Crossing
Come & Go with Me
Run to Jesus
Patrol Gonna Catch You
Molly Cottontail
Old Man's Song
Sandy Land
Jaybird & Sparrow
Sheep and Goat
Them Ol' Black Gnats
Milly Biggers
Go to Sleep, My Baby
Rough and Rolling Sea
Four and Twenty Elders
Wake Up Jacob
Anchor Line
Sun Don't Set in the Morning
Way Up on the Mountain
Hammerin' Judgment
Ol' Egyp'

Run Mary Run
Uncle Billy
Ol' Elder Brown
No More Cane on the Brazos
Lost John
Back Home in Georgia
I'll Hear the Trumpet Sound
Open the Window, Noah
Michael Haul the Boat Ashore
Tree of Life

Bound to Go includes authentic spirituals, shout songs from the Sea Islands, prison ballads and rare secular folk songs. “Run to Jesus” is the song that first gave Frederick Douglass the notion of escaping from slavery. Includes an essay and historical/folklore notes on the songs. Recorded with trumpet, fretless gourd and 5-string banjo, guitars, fiddle, cello, harmonica, piano, percussion and many wonderful singers! 72 minutes running time.

Cover painting by Gullah artist Jonathan Green.

In memory of Joy Calhoun, who worked for justice in the Civil Rights movement, 10% of income from sales goes to support programs for children, half to College of Charleston's African-American history camps, half to Williams Preparatory Academy Arts programs, 2710 S. Dearborn in Chicago.

Bound to Go is available through Waterbug Records.

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