Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun

GatesThe Gates of Love

Gates of Love
Roads in Disrepair
Gavotte Rondeau
(Robert De Visee)
Never Enough


Seat in the Mezzanine
Aint No One


Stuart Rosenberg took this project to Bruce Kaplan at Flying Fish, and the whole thing came together. I met a CSO cellist named David Chickering, who lived up Jarvis Street from us, and we started having music in a place called "The Storefront" downstairs from where we lived. Some of the musicians on "Gates" were people who played there - Collins and Melissa Trier, who played with the Lyric Opera, and Mark Kraemer, also from the CSO. Howard Levy's harmonica was another wonderful addition.

The Gates of Love is out of print.

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