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I Gave My Love a Cherry (also called The Riddle Song) American folk song/lullaby

The Fox - American folk song, The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night

Gartan Mother's Lullaby (S.MacCathmhaoil) - Irish lullaby

The Little Beggarman - traditional Irish song. A rigadoo is a shillelagh.

O Susanna (Stephen Foster) Stephen Foster song written in 1847, popular in the gold rush.
Two of Fosters's verses are never sung, and for good reason, but they have been reworked here in the interest of the song. Susanna don't you cry - Mary don't you weep.

Noah's Dove Collected from Memphis woman named Dink in Texas work camp in 1908. One of the most poetic of American folk songs.

O Mary Don't You Weep - Antebellum spiritual, adapted from various versions.

Hanging Out The Linen Clothes - a capella women's work song collected by Carl Sandburg in San Francisco

We'll Rant and We''ll Roar -a high spirited whaling ballad

Sperm Whale Fishery - a tough whaling ballad

Shenandoah - river shanty

I Ride an Old Paint - cowboy song, with rarely sung 3rd verse.

Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal (Thomas S. Allen, arr Calhoun) written as tribute to a passing way of life in 1905, expanded to twice its length by the folk process.

John Henry - epic version of the most widespread Southern ballad, adapted after reading "Steel Driving Man" by Scott Reynolds Nelson.

Casey Jones (Wallace Saunders, arr Calhoun) American railroad ballad

Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier - came over to US from Ireland during Revolutionary War

The Foggy Dew - Irish, Charles O'Neill's tribute to the men who gave their lives for Ireland during the Easter uprising in 1916.

Buskers Contemporary Irish - Colum Sands' understated testament to the power of music.

How Can I Keep From Singing? -American hymn written 1895. (Robert Lowry, arr Calhoun)

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