Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun


I Love You All the Time
Glad Old Man
The Swimmer
You Better Get a Lawyer


Long-Legged Lover
She's Like the Autumn


It was a long time between original song recordings. I went through a divorce after "Walk Me to the War" in 1987. I took time off travelling, studied Tai Chi with Elizabeth Wenscott, saw a therapist and various wild healers, and joined the human race. In 1990, I went to the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas to see if anything was happening. The first night there, I heard Steve Fisher at a campfire, somehow our songs seemed to be speaking to one another, and I heard Kat Eggleston sing "Paper Boats" in the New Folk Contest (which she lost!). Kat and I took up, and it was on a trip to Seattle that she offered me some free recording time she had left over with Rob Folsom. I laid down a rough draft of Hope there, with "Veteran" and "Long Legged Lover" surviving those sessions. "Survivor," written for Jano Brindisi, and "Recall," are two songs closest to my heart. Kat played guitar and sang a duet with me on "If," which I used to sing solo. "Glad Old Man", with the great Irish box player John Williams on accordion, is probably my biggest hit, it's the song of mine people like who don't like my songs, if that makes any sense. We had a lot of fun with the male choir on "Balls," too. Steve Rashid produced the disc at Woodside Avenue Productions in Evanston, IL, providing the perfect blend of great critical ears, a relaxed demeanor and professional diplomacy - a joy to work with.

Hope is available through Waterbug Records and for download at CDBaby

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Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun