Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun

phoenixPhoenix Envy

Tunnel Vision
Folksingers are Boring
No Secret Castle
Here Comes That Lady Again
Never Enough
It's Not You That I'm Leaving

Freedom Road
Paul Scott Rap
The Model
At the Bar
Narnia Song
O My Son
While Jesus was Waiting to Die
Jack And Jill
When My Time Comes


I'd always wanted to record with my old friend Victor Sanders and finally got around to it. When I made this, I was putting most of my energy into running Waterbug Records, but I wanted to get something out. I chose songs I already knew how to play, and filled up the disc with 21 songs. Some of my best songs are here, "Tunnel Vision," "Journey," "When My Time Comes." "While Jesus Was Waiting to Die" is about as loose as I've gotten in a studio. Andrew Bird had been an intern at Waterbug, he played fiddle on "Here Comes That Lady Again." Catch him on the road with Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire. The title was Kat Eggleston's idea.

Phoenix Envy is available through Waterbug Records and for download at CDBaby

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Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun