Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun

shadowShadow of a Wing

Meditation Song

The Promise
Two Roads
Daughter of a Drunk
A Hoosier in Paris
Smokin' and Drinkin'

Inside Out
Single Roses
Fluttering Wings
Broken Feeder
I Love Your Letters
Farewell Butterfly
Hualapai Mountain


Some People see the universe/God as a benificient teacher, refining us through some karmic kindergarten of suffering. Still, the question lingers - if we're all chinks of the divine, why the sadistic hazing process? Maybe whatever created this whacked out world of woes is just as screwed up as we are. And if the Teacher doesn't have the answer, perhaps the search has a real purpose. These songs are about love, and my way of loving, which is either a co-dependent train wreck, or a sacramental journey toward revelation, depending on faith. And then, there are the birds.

Shadow of a Wing is out of print but is available for download at CDBaby

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Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun