Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun

telferTelfer's Cows
Folk Ballads From Scotland

King Orfeo

Two Sisters
The Battle of Harlaw
Eppie Morrie
Jeannie o' Bethelnie
Hughie Grime

Kinmont Willie
Telfer's Cows
Clark Colven
Shake in the Basket
Unquiet Grave


Folk music, ballads and spirituals have always informed my songwriting. This project gave me a chance to employ my lyrical/editing skills to contribute something back to the tradition. One morning I woke up working on translating a verse, and realized these ballads had gotten as far into me as my own songs do. My mother sang me ballads in the cradle - "The Bonnie Earl of Moray" and "The Cruel Mother" among them. We had recordings of Ewan MacColl, Scots Street Songs, Folk Songs, Child Ballads. Since my teens, I've sung ballads in dialect - if I'm singing in the car, it's usually that. But it didn't occur to me to really pull them out of dialect until I was hired to play the Bristol Renaissance Faire as a solo in the summer of 2002. When I saw the response to "Eppie Morrie," I knew I was on to something - people were on the edge of their seats, for this old song. One hot afternoon, I was singing a version of the Devil's Nine Questions, and had this epiphany - I wasn't some modern folksinger interpreting the tradition, I was, simply, one of the people who passed this song on - a small but essential part of a mighty thing. A few of these I've known for years, others showed up and asked to be included. "Kinmont Willie" and "Telfer's Cows" haven't been recorded before.

Telfer's Cows is available through Waterbug Records and for download at CDBaby. Read Reviews

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