Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun

walkmeWalk Me to the War

Battling Tops

Walk Me To the War
Jack and Jill
Etude in D (F. Sor)
Deliver Me

Smile For Your Daddy

Spit From the Sky
Bow and Arrow
The Eagle
You Bother Me
New Hampshire


Singer-songwriter pal Keith Nichols recorded this in his basement. One session was cancelled because they were doing construction on the neighbor's house. It's a quiet record, I think it fits together pretty well. A couple of these - "Trumpet," "Bow and Arrow," "Deliver Me," I want to record again before too long. First recording of "Jack and Jill," a song I've been reworking since 1975, and will record again soon.

Walk Me to the War is out of print.

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Andrew Calhoun & Casey Calhoun