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Ain't No One (Gates of Love)

Another Story

At the Bar (Phoenix Envy)

Atmospheres (Staring at the Sun)

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Baby-O (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Back Home in Georgia (Bound to Go)

Balls (Hope)

The Battle of Harlaw (Telfer's Cows)

Battling Tops (Walk Me to the War)

Beggarman (Telfer's Cows)

Ben and Kari's Wedding Song

Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel (Bound to Go)

Born a Chicken

Bound to Go (Bound to Go)

Bow and Arrow (Walk Me to the War)

Boy Chased a Bike Tire (unreleased)

A Boy of the Woods (unrecorded)

Broken Boundaries (Staring at the Sun)

Broken Feeder (Shadow of a Wing)

Buffalo (Where Blue Meets Blue)

The Bull (Water Street)

Butterfly (unreleased)

C [back to top]

Calvary (Bound to Go)

Captain Susan (unrecorded)

Casey Jones (Grapevine)

Catching on Fire (Tiger Tattoo)

Cave Song (unrecorded)

Christ Comes Like the Spring Bud

Circle of Killers (Staring at the Sun)

Clark Colven (Telfer's Cows)

Cows On the Highway (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Cruel to You

Cruel Winter

D [back to top]

Daughter of a Drunk (Shadow of a Wing)


Day In and Night Out (Tiger Tattoo)

Deliver Me (Staring at the Sun)

Didn't You Jane (unrecorded)

Different Now (unrecorded)

Doghouse (unrecorded)

E [back to top]

The Eagle (Walk Me to the War)

Elizabeth (unrecorded)

Eppie Morrie (Telfer's Cows)

Eugene (Staring at the Sun)

Everyone Sang (Tiger Tattoo)

F [back to top]

Fair Annie

Farewell Butterfly (Shadow of a Wing)

Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal (Grapevine)

Flowers on the Weekend (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Fluttering Wings (Shadow of a Wing)

The Foggy Dew (Grapevine)

Folklore (Shadow of a Wing)

Folksingers are Boring (Phoenix Envy)

Four and Twenty Elders (Bound to Go)

The Fox (Grapevine)

Fred's Brother (Tiger Tattoo)

Freedom Road (Phoenix Envy)


From Time to Time (Staring at the Sun)

The Future (unrecorded)

G [back to top]

Gabriel (Water Street)

Garage (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Gartan Mother's Lullaby (Grapevine)

Gates of Love (Gates of Love)

Getaway (Hope)


Glad Old Man (Hope)

Go to Sleep, My Baby (Bound to Go)

God Told Me I Could Come (Staring at the Sun)

Goin' Down to See John Prine (Tiger Tattoo)

The Golden Gate Bridge (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Grandfather's Time

Guilty In Your Home (unrecorded)


H [back to top]

Hammerin' Judgment (Bound to Go)

Here Comes That Lady Again (Phoenix Envy)

History (Staring at the Sun)

A Hoosier in Paris (Shadow of a Wing)

How Can I Keep From Singing? (Grapevine)

Hualapai Mountain (Shadow of a Wing)

Hughie Grime (Telfer's Cows)

I [back to top]

I Gave My Love a Cherry (Grapevine)

I Have Not Lost It All (Water Street)

I Have Run and I Have Crawled (Staring at the Sun)

I Love You All the Time (Hope)

I Love Your Letters (Shadow of a Wing)

I Shall Not Look Away (Tiger Tattoo)

I Ride an Old Paint (Grapevine)

I'll Hear the Trumpet Sound (Bound to Go)

Ice (Gates of Love)

If (Hope)

If I Were In Your Home

I'm a Rover (Tiger Tattoo)

Inside Out (Shadow of a Wing)

It's Not You That I'm Leaving (Phoenix Envy)

J [back to top]

Jack and Jill (Phoenix Envy)

Jaybird and Sparrow (Bound to Go)

Jazz Guys

Jeannie o' Bethelnie (Telfer's Cows)

Jesus Born (Child of God)

John's Wife (Staring at the Sun)

John Henry (Grapevine)

Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier (Grapevine)

Journey (Phoenix Envy)

Joy (Tiger Tattoo)

K [back to top]

The King (Where Blue Meets Blue)

King Orfeo (Telfer's Cows)

Kinmont Willie (Telfer's Cows)

Kiss That Goblet! (Staring at the Sun)

L [back to top]

Lass of Roch Royal

Letting Go

Lie of a Poet (Water Street)

The Living and the Breathing Wind (Staring at the Sun)

Lonesome (Phoenix Envy)

Long-Legged Lover (Hope)

Look Away

Look Like an Angel

Lost John (Bound to Go)


M [back to top]

Mama's City

Meditation Song (Shadow of a Wing)

Michael and Sally

Michael, Haul the Boat Ashore (Bound to Go)

Milly Biggers (Bound to Go)

Miss Hill (Tiger Tattoo)

Mr. Jones

The Model (Phoenix Envy)

Moon and Sea

Moses (Water Street, Staring at the Sun)

Much Ado About Nothing

My Ankles Are Freezing

My Bonnie and Jean

My Love She's a Blooming Lady

My Mother, Calling Me

N [back to top]

Narnia Song (Phoenix Envy)

Never Enough (Phoenix Envy)

Never Say Die

No More Cane on the Brazos (Bound to Go)

No Secret Castle (Phoenix Envy)

O [back to top]

O Mary Don't You Weep (Grapevine)

O My Son (Phoenix Envy)

O SusannaGrapevine

O'er the Crossing (Bound to Go)

Of Thee I Never Weary

Ol' Egyp' (Bound to Go)

On the Bus

The One Who Wants to Know

Only For Love

Open the Window, Noah (Bound to Go)

P [back to top]

Paul Scott Rap (Phoenix Envy)

Peach Song (Where Blue Meets Blue)



Politics (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Portrait of a Girl and Her Parents (Where Blue Meets Blue)


The Promise (Shadow of a Wing)

R [back to top]


Raining (Shadow of a Wing)

Recall (Hope)


Red Star

Reflections (Where Blue Meets Blue)


Rio Bravo

River Song (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Road Song/Love Song

Roads in Disrepair (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Roll, Jordan, Roll (Bound to Go)

Rough and Rolling Sea (Bound to Go)

Run Mary Run (Bound to Go)

Run to Jesus (Bound to Go)

Rye, New Hampshire (Walk Me to the War)

S [back to top]

Sam (Gates of Love)

Sammy (Shadow of a Wing)

Sandy Land (Bound to Go)


Scrapbook (Hope)

The Scyther (Tiger Tattoo)

Sea of Snow (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Seat in the Mezzanine (Staring at the Sun)

Shadow of a Wing (Born Into the Whisper: Waterbug Anthology 8)

Shadow Song (Tiger Tattoo)

Shake in the Basket (Telfer's Cows)

She's Like the Autumn (Hope)

She's of Earth (unrecorded)

Sheila (Phoenix Envy)

Shenandoah (Grapevine)

Shorty Jordan


Single Roses (Shadow of a Wing)

Slippery Fish

Smile for your Daddy (Walk Me to the War)

Smokin' and Drinkin' (Shadow of a Wing)

The Snake (Water Street)

Sparrow (Phoenix Envy)

Sperm Whale Fishery (Grapevine)

Spit from the Sky (Walk Me to the War)

Sun Don't Set in the Morning (Bound to Go)

Survivor (Hope)

Sweet William

The Swimmer (Hope)

T [back to top]

Telfer's Cows (Telfer's Cows)

Tell Me That You Love Me (unrecorded)

Texas Gal

Them Ol' Black Gnats (Bound to Go)

Tiger Tattoo (Tiger Tattoo)

Time (Phoenix Envy)

Tom Brown (Tiger Tattoo)

Too Soon

Tree of Life (Bound to Go)

Trenches (Phoenix Envy)

Trumpet (Walk Me to the War)

Tunnel Vision (Phoenix Envy)

Turkle Dove (Bound to Go)

Two Roads (Shadow of a Wing)

Two Sisters (Telfer's Cows)

U [back to top]

Uncle Billy (Bound to Go)

Unquiet Grave (Telfer's Cows)

V [back to top]

Vancouver (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Veteran (Hope)

W [back to top]

Walk Easy

Walk Me to the War (Staring at the Sun)

Walking Through Sand (Staring at the Sun)

Water Street (Water Street)

A Wedding Song

We'll Rant and We'll Roar (Grapevine)

When I Have Arms Again (Tiger Tattoo)

When My Time Comes (Phoenix Envy)

Where Blue Meets Blue (Where Blue Meets Blue)

While Jesus was Waiting to Die (Phoenix Envy)

Wild Birds (Where Blue Meets Blue)

Window (Shadow of a Wing)

Witches (Shadow of a Wing)

Y [back to top]

You Better Get a Lawyer (Hope)

You Bother Me (Walk Me to the War)

You Never Can Have Enough Pens (unrecorded)

You Will Know God (Where Blue Meets Blue)