Andrew Calhoun

“Calhoun is a master at story songs, finely crafted works that swiftly and economically capture a moment or express an emotion. Like the best novelists, he is able to assume different personas and see the world through other peoples’ eyes.” – June Sawyers, Chicago Tribune

“He’s blessed with a resonant baritone, crystalline fingerpicking, and a writer’s ear.” – The Oregonian

“His songs are majestic in their imagery and endlessly challenging in their themes.” – St. Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch

“Andrew Calhoun tells the truth. To my knowledge, there is no better songwriter alive.” – Dave Carter

Andrew Calhoun was born in New Haven, CT, in 1957. He grew up in New Jersey and the Chicago area where he again dwells. Calhoun founded Waterbug in 1992.
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