Kate MacLeod

“Kate is a splendid down-to-earth person; still she soars to the sky like a lark when she wants and needs to. Her music has a unique strong, sweet magic. When I hear her, I know she is singing because she wants to sing.”
– Jean Ritchie

With a spare, often chilling lyric style and a voice that shimmers like an arrow in sunlight, Salt Lake City’s Kate MacLeod delivers original songs in the folk tradition. Raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Kate MacLeod moved to Salt Lake City in 1979, where she taught drafting and geometric theory of ancient instrument design at Peter Prier’s Violin Making School of America.

In addition to solo performances, she plays Celtic music with Shanahy. leads folk/rock band Kate MacLeod and the Pancakes, and in tandem with Kat Eggleston. Her musical background includes experience in classical, traditional American, bluegrass, and Celtic music.

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