A Bonny Bunch

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(Knock Out Records)

17 traditional songs from
England, Scotland and Ireland, sung unaccompanied.

1. Lovely Joan
2. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
3. The Unquiet Grave
4. The Recruited Collier
5. Rap Her to Bank
6. The Painful Plough
7. The Verdant Braes of Skrene
8. Na’ Bhouchaell N’Gruage Bhui
9. The Gallowa’ Hills
10. The Fireship
11. The Croppy Boy
12. The Lag’s Song (MacColl)
13. Van Dieman’s Land
14. The Kielder Hunt
15. General Wolfe
16. The Death of Nelson
17. The Bonny Bunch of Roses


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