A Fair Land Lies Before Me


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with Kate MacLeod, fiddle, guitar and vocals, Bronwen Beecher, fiddle, Mark Hazel, guitar and vocals, and Andrew Morrill: Scottish highland and lowland pipes, Irish Uillean pipes, and whistles.

1. Calum Iain – Raigmore – Fleshmarket Close
2. Rab’s Wedding – I Have Finally Found a Home
3. Strayaway Child – Wild Ponies of Chincoteague
4. Gala Water
5. The Seagull – Drawn from the Well
6. Annan Waters
7. Lads O’ the Fair
8. Tripping up the Stairs – Ellis Kelly’s Delight – James Byrne’s
9. Archibald MacDonald of Kepoch – McNeill’s of Ugadale
10. My Home – My Home(jig) – Joan’s Jig – Pigeon on a Gate
11. Farewell Song
12. Lindisfarne
13. Highland Laddie (includes: Jack Wilson’s Ball – High Road to Linton)

Traditional celtic tunes, songs, and some traditional-styled original compositions.

Shanahy (SHAWN-uh-hee) is a band that hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and performs traditional songs and tunes from the Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton traditions. Shanahy entertains audiences at concerts, festivals, weddings, and other celeberations. The special Shanahy sound features fiddles, highland bagpipes, lowland bagpipes, whistle, flute, bodhran, guitars, and both female and male vocals. Shanahy performs traditional jigs, slip-jigs, reels, strathspeys, waltzes, airs and songs, along with contemporary and original pieces within the celtic style.

Kate MacLeod
Kate is a versatile songwriter, fiddler, guitarist, vocalist, record producer and session musician, who has made a name for herself over the past several years. Her 2001 Wind River/Folk Era release, “Feel the Earth Spin,” on which she performs as the sole musician, has received national acclaim. Kate followed this in 2002 with “Drawn from the Well,” a duet recording with Kat Eggleston. Some who know of her as a singer and songwriter may not be aware of Kate’s talent as a celtic-style fiddler. She began studying violin at age seven near Washington, D. C., and began her pursuit of traditional music as a young adult. When she is not performing, she also teaches music. In the band Kate sings and plays fiddle and guitar.

Andrew Morrill
Andrew descends from a distinguished line of bagpipers. That line includes his great grandfather who won the Queen’s Jubilee in Scotland at the age of eighteen and, as his prize, performed for Queen Victoria. Andrew is the Pipe Major for the Utah Pipe Band, is a winner of piping competitions, and is a sought-after judge for many national competitions. In addition to playing the highland pipes, he is one of the few players of the Scottish Lowland (“cauldwind” or “parlor”) Pipes. The haunting, seldom-heard call of the lowland pipes is a distinctive part of the band’s unique sound. Andrew also performs on whistle, flute and bodhran.

Bronwen Beecher
A classically trained violinist, Bronwen learned Irish and Scottish fiddling in the lively pubs of New Orleans and Ottawa. She developed a passion for traditional celtic music and travelled to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to play and study with the masters of Eastern Canadian fiddling. Her curiosity about different styles of music has led her to play in bands as diverse as an award-winning bluegrass band and a modern punk band. Today Bronwen loves playing, teaching and recording celtic music in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mark Hazel
On his musical journey through Ohio, New Jersey and Utah, Mark has accompanied choirs on piano, played trombone in many ensembles, sung bass in a madrigal choir, and performed as vocalist and rhythm guitarist in acoustic settings and an electric rock and blues group. Although trained as a scientist, Mark continues to travel new musical paths. In the band he plays guitar and contributes his resonant vocal harmony that adds to and contrasts with Kate’s vocals. He also sings lead on some songs.


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