A Man Carrying A Bag


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Randy Black

A simple guitar-and-voice
“It’s what you’ve lost that makes you what you are, it ain’t what you
got,” from “What You’ve Lost.” From “Winter:”
You are the look on mama’s face when baby is just born
A look that baby never sees
I’m a breadcrumb in your bag
Sprinkling on the ground
Eroding by degrees
You’re the piano in the parlor
In a house full of song…

1. What You’ve Lost
2. This Flying Thing
3. To Kiss Your Hair
4. Eileen
5. Helen and Walter
6. Song for Leonard Peltier
7. Stay Home Tonight
8. Sandy
9. Pee In a Bottle
10. Song for Nephew John
11. Big Things
12. More Slowly By
13. Down the Street


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