A Seaman’s Garland (Sailors, Ships and Chanteys, Volume II

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(Knock Out

With LK, vocals, and concertina;
Tom Hyde, vocals; and Carter
Bannerman, mandolin and vocals.

1. Dance t’ th’ Daddy
2. The Herring Gutter’s Song
3. The Dark Eyed Sailor
4. Do Me Amma
5. Doodle Let Me Go
6. The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime
7. The Keel Row
8. The “Diamond”
9. Greenland Bound
10. The Wreck of the “Ellen Munn”
11. Three Score and Ten
12. The Black Ball Line
13. Brave Admiral Benbow
14. The Bold “Princess Royal”
15. Paul Jones
16. We Have Fed Our Seas
17. Goodbye, Fare Thee Well
18. Leave Her, Johnny


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