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Singer, songwriter, poet, & founding member of the band Sons of the Never Wrong, Bruce Roper has been creating remarkable original music for a national audience for nearly 20 years. When asked to describe his new release, he says with a wink – “It’s 14 songs about young love, sung by an old man.”

“Bruce Roper has written the nearly perfect song.” – AP Newswire

Roper’s songs shine with the perfect twist of phrase, the sly reference to myth and verse, the quiet, startling revelations of the everyday.

close not your eyes when the beating comes round
for the heart is a hammer when loves makes a sound
and it’s oh, oh, blue makes the sky
last song of the night makes a lullaby
and it’s oh, oh, make no mistake,
man has no heart if the heart cannot break

1. Midlife
2. Does Love Ever Know
3. Miss You In Time
4. Boy Makes Girl Laugh
5. Viewpoint
6. If I Gave
7. Cowboy
8. Man Has No Heart
9. To Hell With Aubergine
10. Salon
11. Only You & Me
12. Organ Grinder Blue
13. Carpenter Song
14. Singing Man

Bruce Roper, vocals, piano and guitar
Bob Long, piano and organ
Chris Walz, piano and mandolin
Bob Egan, lead guitar
John Abbey, bass
Rafe Bradford, bass
Tony Dale, drums
Al Ehrich, cello
Steve Dawson, vocals


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