Baptism of Fire


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(Molly Gamblin Music)

Part recorded live at the
Folkway, Peterborough,
NH. With tenor guitar, fretless bass, cello, and

1. Baptism of Fire (Julie Snow)
2. Passion (Lui Collins)
3. Bring Your Mind Back Home (Paul Lauzon)
4. The Tinker’s Coin (Jack Hardy)
5. Who Do You Love (Julie Snow)
6. Hold the Last Note Out (Lui Collins)
7. Wildflower Song (Collins)
8. January Thaw (Colllins)
9. Sweet Goodbye (Collins)
10. Second Effort (Stan Rogers)
11. Awaiting the Snow (Collins)
12. I’m Looking for a Song (Julie Snow)
13. Rooty Toot Toot For the Moon (Greg Brown)


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