Blue Divide


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William Pint and Felicia Dale return with a harvest of high-spirited songs and tunes of the sea.

“Blue Divide, like our previous recordings, is a collection of traditional and non-traditional nautically themed music with vocals, instruments, unique arrangements, lots of harmony etc, etc.
What’s different this time around is largely due to our friend Patrick Strole, who acted as the album’s producer and helped bring to reality the ‘big sound’ we often hear in our heads when we’re playing our songs. Patrick’s talent for arrangement, his studio smarts, musical sensibilities (he even added a few tasteful electric guitar riffs) and tremendous energy truly helped make this an incredibly fun and satisfying musical adventure for all of us.”

William Pint – vocals, acoustic guitar, octave mandolin
Felicia Dale – vocals, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, whistle.
TJ Morris, drums, percussion, backing vocals
Dan Mohler, bass, backing vocals
Jay Kenney, keyboards, audio engineering, special effect, backing vocals
Tania Opland, violin
Patrick Strole, electric guitar, percussion
Sue Tinney, harmony vocals

Whiskey is the Life of Man (trad)

The Brigantine (Janie Maneely)

Shanghai Passage (C. Fox Smith / Pint & Dale)

Lowlands (trad)

Mother Carey (Rudyard Kipling)

The Anchor Song (Rudyard Kipling)

High Ground (Brian Bedford)

Rolling Down the Bay to Julianna (trad)

Windy Weather (trad)


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