Consequence of Speech


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With Consequence of Speech,
Sue Demel, Bruce
Roper and Nancy Walker, created a recording as
innovative and exciting as their live
performance. Sons’ soaring harmonies and witty,
whimsical original songs earned them a national
cult following.
Consequence of Speech, recorded by Victor Sanders
at Lakeside Media in Chicago, was mixed and
mastered by Blaise Barton at Acme Studios in
Chicago. Contributing musicians include: Larry
Clyman (former Big Shoulders and Otters lead
guitarist), who produced several tracks; Corky
Siegel, piano and harmonica; Don Stiernberg,
mandolin; Marc Edelstein, bass; Catherine Kuna,
cello; Michael Miles, banjo; the Kairos Quartet;
Dan Hesler and Rich Lapka, horns; Bob Egan (of
Wilco), pedal steel; Mark Cameron and Heath
Cameron percussion; and others.
Raised on rock ‘n’ roll in Iowa, Nancy Walker
(LINK) click here to see her new solo CD) was
singing professionally in a road band just out of
high school and has stayed active in music all
her adult life. Sue Demel, native of Addison,
Illinois, was schooled in jazz and the visual
arts, combining scat singing with yodelling in a
unique vocal style. Bruce Roper, traditional folk
and Beatles devotee, moved to Chicago from
Bloomington, Illinois, several years ago.

1. Demi-Overture
2. Maybe Just Maybe
3. #253 In The Red ook/Bridge Over Troubled Water
4. Reprise
5. Small Bird
6. I I I Love You
7. Consequence of Speech
8. Modern Dating
9. Sun Song
10. In Your Dreams
11. Reprise
12. Girl Shanty
13. Waiting
14. All That I’ve Known
15. Over? Sure!


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