Copper Rooster and Other Tunes and Tales




  1. Road to Columbus
  2. Carroll County Blues
  3. Copper Rooster
  4. Cherokee Shuffle
  5. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  6. Sparrows
  7. Dulcimer Blues
  8. Them Golden Slippers
  9. Over the Waterfall
  10. Rosin the Bow
  11. Down Yonder
  12. Don’t Bury Me
  13. It’s Moving Day
  14. St Ann’s Reel
  15. Little Billy Wilson
  16. 8th of January
  17. In Dreams I Go Back Home
  18. Jerusalem Ridge

Gina Forsyth’s Copper Rooster and Other Tunes and Tales was born from the New Orleans underground country/old-time music scene and the bluegrass jams of south Louisiana. Co-produced with Al Tharp, formerly of Beausoleil, currently playing clawhammer banjo with New Orleans’ Swamp Lillies, the new CD features Forsyth’s prodigious fiddling, and friends she has played with for over 20 years. Pat Flory and Mike Kerwin of the Sweet Olive String Band are prominent on “Carroll County Blues” and Jon Hogan’s “In Dreams I Go Back Home, and Fritz Mayers of Baton Rouge’s Fabulous Bagasse Boyz joins them on banjo on the Bill Monroe classic “Road to Columbus,” and old favorites “Golden Slippers” and “Cherokee Shuffle.” Mandolinist Stan D’Aubin joins them on “Cherokee Shuffle,” along with “St. Ann’s Reel,” “Over the Waterfall,” and “Whiskey Before Breakfast.” Florida dulcimer virtuoso Bing Futch joins the band on “Whiskey Before Breakfast,” and Gina’s own “Dulcimer Blues.” On the latter tune, Al Tharp joins on banjo, and the band is the rhythm section of the Leveetoppers: Jon Kashner on guitar, and Pete Olynciw on bass. Tharp, Kashner, and Olynciw lay down the rhythm on “8th of January,” “Little Billy Wilson,” and the Charlie Poole classic, “Moving Day.” Sweet Olive String Band bassist Rob Schafer joins Gina on the title song and the CD’s Cajun track, “Don’t Bury Me.” Mike Kerwin accompanies Gina on guitar on “Rosin the Bow,” Bill Monroe’s, “Jerusalem Ridge,” and Gina’s much-loved song “Sparrows (with Al Tharp on bass.)The end result is an utterly danceable collection of fiddle music, with a handful of uplifting songs that reflect the ups and downs of the American experience.


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