Deep in the Sound of Terra – Kate MacLeod



Kate’s first full length violin/fiddle recording, inspired by landscape and nature, and dedicated to our home, Earth. A lifetime of devoted listening pours out lines from varied folk and classical traditions in ways that build a new context; the effect is symphonic, generative, ennobling. The supporting cast is inspired. “Let the Dove Come In,” adapted from tradition, is the only vocal.

All melodies composed by Kate MacLeod, arrangements and accompaniment embellished by guest musicians Darol Anger, Catherine Bent, Kevin Burke, Kat Eggleston, Skip Gorman, Mark Graham, Larry Lawson, Christopher Layer, Otter Creek, James Scott, Dylan Schorer, Robin Spielberg, and 3hattrio.

“…MacLeod sticks to instrumental music in this album, which might disappoint some fans of her singing and lyric writing — of which there are many; she was voted “best songwriter” by the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association. I’m willing to bet, though, that after a single listening to this CD, those fans will find their disappointment dissipated and replaced by joy.” -Michael Scott Cain,


  1. Blue Sky Blue Prelude
  2.  Maxfield Parrish Sky
  3. The Land Before Man/Iowa Hills/Blow Me Down Brook,
  4. The Oregon Trail
  5. Sand in Breeze/Sunrise on the Colorado Plateau/Desert Rain
  6. Ice on Mohonk Lake/The Mohonk Jig
  7. Assonet Bay
  8. The Train Across the Great Salt Lake
  9. The Moon and Mount Rainier/Arriving Vashon,
  10. Apology to the Native Rock
  11. Let the Dove Come In


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