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Full-length CDs: When Two Lovers Meet (1997), focuses on Irish music and song; I Won’t Go Home Till Morning (2008), on Appalachian balladry.
Both are produced by Gerry O’Bierne and engineered by Trevor Hutchinson

“She sings with so much beauty – and with utmost respect for the folklore behind each song and ballad.” — Gene Shay, WXPN, Philadelphia, USA

“A must for everyone who loves a CD you can put on again and again, and never tire of it.” — Roz Larman, FolkScene, Los Angeles, USA

When Two Lovers Meet

Sarah sings like a low flute, with unforced, full tone supporting deft and flowing trills. Arrangements are innovative, evocative and sparse.

1. Sprig of Thyme
2. The Tempest
3. When a Man’s in Love
4. King of the Fairies/The Blackbird
5. Johnny Lad
6. Charlie’s Gone Home (McQuaid)
7. When Two Lovers Meet
8. Táim Cortha ó Bheith im’ Aonar im’ Luí
9. The Chicago Reel/The Green Fields of Glentown
10. The Parting Glass (a capella duet with Niamh Parsons)

SM – guitar & vocals
Kevin Murphy – cello
Rod McVey – keyboards
Colm McCaughey – fiddle
John McSherry – low whistle, uillean pipes
Gerry O’Bierne – guitar, ukulele
Trevor Hutchison – double bass

I Won’t Go Home Till Morning

Dedicated to Sarah’s mother, Jane Addams Allen Guthrie (1935-2004). “My mother never performed professionally, but she had a lovely natural style of singing and playing guitar. She grew up in Chicago, and as a teenager she spent her summers volunteering at Quaker work camps run by the American Friends Service Committee in Kentucky and other parts of Appalachia. I believe that’s where she first became acquainted with the music of Jean Ritchie, Peggy Seeger and other folk singers and song collectors… All the songs on this recording have powerful emotional resonances for me, and all are connected one way or another to my mother.”

1.The Chickens They Are Crowing
2. West Virginia Boys
3. Shady Grove/Cluck Old Hen
4. Ode to Billie Joe (Bobbie Gentry)
5. Uncloudy Day (J.K. Alwood)
6. Wondrous Love
7. Only an Emotion (McQuaid)
8. In the Pines
9. East Virginia
10. The Wagoner’s Lad
11. Last Song (McQuaid)

SM – guitar and vocals
Gerry O’Bierne – guitars, tiple, Ebow
Rosie Shipley – fiddle
Liam Bradley – percussion, vocals
Trevor Hutchinson – double bass
Máire Breatnach – fiddle, viola


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