Drawn from the Well


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Kate MacLeod and Kat Eggleston’s
duo CD features a mix of original and traditional songs and instrumentals. Kat’s
fans will be delighted that her hammer dulcimer playing steps out on several
tunes, including the title track, an original composition. The legendary “Two
Sisters” ballad takes on a haunting new life here, sung as a dialog in two voices,
bring this American version of the story into startling focus. Kate’s stellar
traditional fiddling is featured as well. Her “Tom Egan” deals with the first
capital punishment case in the Dakota territories in 1882. Years in the writing,
it stands well next to the great traditional ballads, raising questions we have
yet to answer.

1. Good Ship in Order (song/traditional)
2. Drawn from the Well (instrumental/Kat Eggleston)
3. The Annual Menhaden (song/Kate MacLeod)
4. Measure for Measure (song/Kat Eggleston)
5. Kitty’s Rambles (instrumental/traditional)
6. Tom Egan (song/Kate MacLeod)
7. The Beverage Set: Coffey’s Reel (trad.), A Cup of Tea (trad.), The Kylebrack
Rambler (Finbar Dwyer)
8. Go to the Water (song/Kat Eggleston)
9. Give Me Your Hand (instrumental/Ruainn O’Cathain)
10. Over the Moor to Maggie (instrumental/traditional)
11. The Two Sisters (song/traditional)
12. New Homeland (song/Kate MacLeod)

Tom Egan
by Kate MacLeod

Look at the waning moon, hear the silence of the birds
Search the eye of the believer for the truth if you can find it
Where the air was like a shroud and the crowd was there to watch it
When the gallows trap made a ghost of Thomas Egan

One time, two times, three times
A loophole beneath the gallows
One time, two times, three times
A loophole

The South Dakota wind, where the earth and sky do meet
The fields so fertile, so beautiful beneath the feet
The perfect place to go, or paint a picture of
Or to find the one who shed their mother Mary’s blood

The cabin was so small, the country was so young
The breaking of the ground had just begun
But the mark of Mary, the daughter of the free
Kept her secret like a jewel box without a key

And the folks they laid the blame
On the man that was most likely
But his name was not most likely
It was only Thomas Egan


The skirting dangling jewel, the jury and the rule
Not everything was clear, the sky and the story too
But just like a desert wash that takes storm water in
All of the blame, seemed to run towards him

The details and the names lie in Dakota dust
While the ragged way we rule the world is passed down to us
The daughter’s restless run, while innocence was hung
Will someday tell the truth to all of Tom Egan’s sons

Beneath the July sun, with the silence of the birds
Perched beside the courthouse to observe the human beings
The air was like a shroud and the crowd was there to watch it
When the gallows trap made a ghost of Thomas Egan


Kate wrote “Tom Egan” at the request of his descendants. Tom was the first man hanged in the Dakota territories, for a crime committed by his step-daughter.


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