Feel the Earth Spin


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(Wind River)

“A brilliant songwriter and performer who demonstrates an unbreakable link between the depth of tradition and the cutting edge.” -Bob Franke

Kate’s third CD is a solo
effort, quiet and reflective, with ten original songs plus Mary McCaslin’s “Way
Out West.” “Potter’s Wheel,” “My Baby Leaving,” “Wild Birds,” “Cliffhanger,”
“My Unclaimed Love,” “Shadow Changes,” “Beautiful Flowers,” “The Annual Menhaden,”
“Winter Love,” and “Revelation #1.”

Winter Love
copyright 2001, Kate MacLeod, Courier Music, ASCAP

Time and the tilt of the world
Brought winter to my bedside
That’s what I get for loving
Away where winter comes
Out of the warmth of my bed
I felt the cold as I stood
And all of the dreams that I held
Withdrew or fell away from me

Winter love was here, it brought a flurry
It brought in the bloody hunted deer
It froze the lake and did not mistake my heart for stone

Although the green will wither
And left a stalk to laugh at me
So will the year and the passion
The pests and the memories
Left one true fascination
A seed within a shell upon the breeze
Riding the wind that carries
Uncertainty for me

Winter love was here, it froze the garden
And all of the past was cast aside
It froze my drink, and left me there

Some of the birds will leave
And some of the birds will stay
All of my hardwood trees
Must let the winter have its way

Winter love was here, it made a bargain
It left without a doubt, without a word
It left without a doubt, without a word, without a sound

from “Beautiful Flowers”:

“See the wildflower colors, go all the way to see them
Feel the soil, be cool, so rich that your green grows good and even
To bend with the wind, when it’s doing you in
To be as sure stone even though you’re not one
Your roots will reach down to the water,
Your arms will reach up to the sky…”


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