First Warm Wind


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A CD reissue of Eggleston’s
vibrant, beautifully produced 1990 cassette debut,includes the subtle object/memory
assocations of “China”; the oft-requested “Rose Tattoo,” “Cherry Tree:”

To all your angry questions on the day I said goodbye, for years I’ve wondered
what I should have said for my reply, But you were far from understanding what
it is to love a man, who is formed of silk and razors, and wounds with velvet

“Dark Side of the Moon” (“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be all right in a while,
just taking shorter steps to go a longer mile”); the spirited “Equinox,” “True
Story” and the stirring, hopeful title song, written for a friend recovering
from his wife’s suicide.
Sequenced to bring the listener through the seasons from Spring to Spring. With
co-producer David Lange (keyboards), Michael Tomlinson and Steve Guthe (vocals),
George Ramsey (recorders), Matt Eggleston and Dan Mohler (bass), Janet Harrington
(oboe), Mike McNamara (cello) and Kristin Quigley-Brye (french horn).

1. China
2. Rose Tattoo
3. Cherry Tree
4. Empty Glass
5. Dark Side Of The Moon
6. Equinox
7. Autumn
8. True Story
9. Your Window
10. First Warm Wind

by Kat Eggleston

Summer, close your eyes, let the wind blow colder
The heavy arm of Winter settles down on my shoulder
When leaves are past their turning, and frost is on the ground,
Set the fire burning, close the door, batten down.
But someday, when there’s still no trace of blue by the sun
I will call and tell you that the Spring has come
In the frozen grip of Winter was a kiss on my skin
Yes, today I felt the touch of the first warm wind.

I met you in Winter, after she was gone
Her ghost was on your shoulder, blocking out the sun
Under the shadow of crushing grief,
Ashes in your blood, and your heart on your sleeve.
In December, when ice is in your bones, and your soul,
How do you remember it’s not always cold?
Do you fall from the weight of the “might have been”
Or wait for the touch of the first warm wind?

So let this be my way to find the words to tell,
You wear the mark of courage, you wear it well
To keep the fire burning, and pay the price
Of waiting out the storm for a better life
And someday, when the darkness gives way to the dawn,
You will call and tell me that the Spring has come,
You will say, “the ice is broken, I can live again.
Today I felt the touch of the first warm wind.”


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