Flower of Avalon


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In just four years (1998-2002) Tracy Grammer and her late partner Dave Carter released three critically-acclaimed albums, toured with Joan Baez and earned a solid following with their riveting live performances at festivals and venues across North America. Since Carter’s sudden death in July 2002, Grammer has remained committed to promoting his legacy. In one of our last conversations, Dave said he wanted to retire from the road and have Tracy continue to be the voice of his songs. Dave was an obscure songwriter in his 40’s when he partnered with Tracy; it was she who designed and managed their career, and it was her sympathetic, ace musicianship that opened the door of Dave’s transcendent artistry to the world. The culture owes her a debt of gratitude, a debt which will become more apparent as the years pass and the importance of this man’s contribution to American arts and letters continues to grow and inspire, to heal and to challenge.
“Shadows of Evangeline” evokes the horror of a childhood spent at the mercy of a mother’s demons; “Gyspy Rose” boasts one of Carter’s most inspired melodies; “Hard to Make It” bridges compassion, toughness and acceptance. “Preston Miller” is an ambitious, over-written flop; “Phantom Doll” a tantalizing look at a jazzy new direction for Dave, brilliantly sung here, as is the deeply felt “Mother, I Climbed.” “Any Way I Do,” a declamatory folk/gospel piece, is lost to overly cautious and clinical production values but well, you just have to have these songs. -AC

1. Shadows Of Evangeline
2. Gypsy Rose
3. Laughlin Boy
l4. Hard To Make It
5. Hey Ho
6. Mother, I Climbed
7. Preston Miller
8. Winter When He Goes
9. Phantom Doll
10. Any Way I Do


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