Gnus and Roses


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Les Barker’s song parodies, performed by various artists.

Down with the sausage roll – Lesley Davies, Alison Younger, Les Barker
The Franco-Prussian war of the Spanish succession – Les Barker
My husband’s got no porridge in him – Norma Waterson
Johnny, you’re so peculiar – Norma Waterson
The schwarzennegging song – Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy
Send in the cones – Lesley Davies
Ilkley d’amour – Alison Younger, Les Barker
Leader of the Treens – Lesley Davies, Alison Younger, Les Barker
The January June – June Tabor
Dachshunds with erections can’t climb stairs – Les Barker
Across the plains of Africa – Les Barker
Belle’s bonnie bogey – Alison Younger
Nobody hugs a hedgehog – Les Barker
Born under a road sign – Les Barker
Tam Lin – Lesley Davies
God Bless the Peacemakers – Lesley Davies, Alison Younger, Les Barker

with Chris Harvey (keyboards), Martin Carthy(guitar & vocals), Martin Allcock (guitars) and Nick Fairclough (drums)


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