Growin’ Roses












East Texas song sage Steve Fisher has created a double album, two CDs of 13 original songs each. Gems of wisdom and poetic reflection.

First CD: No Ordinary Life
1. No Ordinary Life
2. In An Old House
3. Sittin’ In The Middle
4. Missing You
5. Standing At The Edge
6. In Our Town
7. Drifting
8. From My Pen
9. Just As I Am
10. Growin’ Roses
11. Yours and Mine
12. I Say Too Much
13. A Long Night

Second CD: No Goin’ Back
1. Joy Of Sharing
2. No Goin’ Back
3. The Possibilities Of You
4. Nothing Like Waiting
5. The River
6. Angel Of Mercy
7. Take Me Anywhere
8. Ancient Book of Words
9. Finish Me
10. Somedays
11. I’m Hopeful
12. Older Than Now
13. For A Moment

Harmonica on “Joy of Sharing” and “Somedays” by John Williams
Lead Guitar on “Somedays,” Harmony on “Nothing Like Waiting,” Scott Brown

















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