Halfway Home


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The songwriting pride of Saratoga Springs, NY, returns with his first CD of all new material since “Crooked Path” (2007).

After The Flood
The Hard Stuff
But She Still Sings
Glowing Screens
I Talk To Dead People
Bigger Hammer
Little House In The Country
Personal Appearance
A Boy On Memorial Day
No Solid Ground
The Story
Big Dog
Things I Learned From Life, Vol.II

Michael Jerling wields a wide musical vocabulary, as much Motown and pop as it is folk, in perspectives of tragedy, comedy and the mysterious ground between them.
Recorded at his own Fool’s Hill Studio, Michael performs on 6 and 12 string guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Anchored by strong tracks from his perennial supporting cast of Tony Markellis on bass, Teresina Huxtable on reed organ and accordion, and Danny Whelchel on drums and percussion, Jerling is also joined by Danny Gotham on mandolin and nylon string guitar, Victor Sanders on electric guitar, Kevin Maul on slide guitar, and Mike Vlahakis on Hammond organ and piano. Don & Victoria Armstrong, Bob Warren & Joy Mackenzie, and Dale Haskell add their distinctive voices.


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