Hear That Wind Howl


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Geoff Bartley

Hear That Wind Howl features
acoustic Delta and Country Blues,
with some early rock ‘n’ roll and Tin Pan Alley thrown in. Sparingly
produced using wooden and resonator guitars, harmonica, string bass
accordion, & percussion, with guest appearances by Johnny Cunningham,
fiddle, and Billy Novick, clarinet.

“Bartley…shows that he can play and sing the classic songs with the
restraint and dignity of a performer who has mastered the techniques,
yet knows that in blues, soulfulness is as important as flashy
licks.” – Acoustic Guitar

“Despite the song list presented here, Bartley is no mere Robert
Johnson wannabe. Instead of coarsening his voice and trying to sound
like an old Delta bluesman, he presents these songs in a
straightforward manner that comes from an intimate knowledge of the
source materials, but as transmuted through his own experience. This
is coffeehouse music of the highest order; the originals fit in
nicely with the old standards (a number of Robert Johnson classics
alongside warhorses like “Sitting on Top of the World”), and his
playing is effortlessly swinging. Bartley did his own liner notes for
this, and they illustrate his deep understanding of the music as
well. A modern-day folk-blues album that really has something to
– Cub Coda, All Music Guide at www.rollingstone.com

1. If I Had Possession Over
Judgment Day (Robert Johnson)
2. Sittin’ On Top of the World (The Mississippi Sheiks)
3. Grinnin’ In Your Face (Son House)
4. The Dying Crapshooter’s Blues (Blind Willie McTell)
5. Papa’s on the Housetop (Leroy Carr)
6. Prize Your Reputation (Charles Calhoun)
7. Crossroads Blues (Robert Johnson)
8. Lemonade (Bartley)
9. When You Got a Good Friend (Robert Johnson)
10. Everything They Told Me (Bartley)
11. Peaceable Street (Bartley)
12. The Fullerton Street Strut (Bartley)
13. No Money Down (Chuck Berry)


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