Hearts of Gold


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Pint and Dale’s unrestrained
joy in singing reminds us why we fell in love with folk music in the first place.
Hearts of Gold explores the myth of the sea, the struggle with the elements
casting an image of human nature in all its facets — from the plaintive “Bay
of Biscay” to Micki Perry’s hilarious “Wreck of the Lady Washington”; from the
treacherous tale of “Wreckers” to the warm poetry of “Companioned by the Sea,”
a Marjorie Howell lyric set to music by Bob Zentz.

No lesser joy can dim the spell
Of quietly enchanted hours
When the sea wore reflected stars
Upon her breast, like flowers
Brine scented dawns, sea-faring greens
How richly these have dowered me
That I should go through all my days
Companioned by the sea

1. Hearts Of Gold

2. C’est L’ Aviron

3. Pump Shanty/Jump At The Sun

4. Companioned By The Sea

5. London Julies

6. The Wreck Of The ‘Lady Washington (by Micki Perry)
7. The Rolling Wave/Homeward Bound

8. Hob Y Derri Dando

9. Wreckers
10. Bay Of Biscay

11. Sail Away
12. The Essakeeba River

13. The Atholl Highlanders


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