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“Thoughtful and compelling.
Calhoun’s use of traditional folk music enhances his unbelievably powerful imagery.”
– Performing Songwriter

“I have always placed Andrew’s songs among the most uplifting music I know.
He writes in the tradition of songwriters like Pierce Pettis and Leonard Cohen
and poets like Emily Dickinson and Edna St. Vincent Millay whose sense of humor
is underrated because their suffering and faith are so great. The characters
in Andrew’s songs wrestle in the dark and, no, they they don’t always win. But
their ongoing struggles reveal all that is most noble in them-and us. “You Better
Get a Lawyer,”; “Balls,”; and “Glad Old Man”; show his brilliant lighter side
as he deals with divorce, machismo, and aging; “If”; (a duet with Kat Eggleston)
and “She’s Like The Autumn”; are passionate love lyrics; “Survivor”; and “Veteran”;
are the album’s centerpieces – soul scorching, impressionistic journeys to the
other side of pain.”
– Hugh Blumenfeld

May you outlive the end of that story
And in Harmony’s banner of light
May you walk a long morning in glory
Up the hill at the end of the night.

1. Getaway
2. I Love You All The Time
3. Glad Old Man
4. The Swimmer
5. Veteran
6. You Better Get A Lawyer
7. Balls

8. Scrapbook

9. Long Legged Lover
10. She’s Like The Autumn

11. If
12. Survivor

13. Recall


There’s a swimmer who’s swimming out under the sky
Who fell from a ship and caught in the eye
Of unseeing nature, he will struggle and try
It helps him forget about having to die

A man with a mortgage, a house and a lawn
Is mowing and working and paying along
His money is tied up, and his body is bound
To a family and a country, and a hole in the ground

Good shoes and warm clothes are a comfort to wear
When the winter winds shriek in an effort to scare
Little children from sleep, to the devil knows where
Keep walking, keep moving, don’t leave yourself there.

This party’s a good one, there’s hors d’oevres and wine
Pretty people, witty people, people on and off line
I want to get married in a purple bow tie
To help me forget about having to die

It’s love and it’s warfare from rattle to tomb
And it’s both of them calling me back to this room
Where the curve of your body, and the look in your eye
Make me feel worse and better, about having to die

And I am a swimmer out under the sky
Who fell from a ship and caught in the eye
Of unseeing nature, I will struggle and try
It helps me forget about having to die


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