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”An exuberant, optimistic approach to music-making.” – Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s folk favorite Sons are celebrating their 20th anniversary of their search for the musical grail with King Fisher King, highlighting the songwriting talents of Sue Demel: “Eve” is the best song I’ve heard all year.” – Richard Milne, WXRT. Roper’s celtic/traditionally tinged “Arkansas” is a poetic and powerful dance with fiddles, mandocellos and banjos telling tall tales, accompanied by Sons’ iconic harmonies. Lader’s lush “Window” is a glorious remembrance with her trademark guitar style and collage-like lyrics. Demel’s “Face on Mars” is a view from a lonely planet with perfect piano and vocal touches by her bandmates.

“Our most pointed album.” – Bruce Roper

1. Arkansas
2. Eve
3. Over There
4. Window
5. The Great Unknown
6. Sword & Pen
7. I’d Marry You
8. Face on Mars
9. When Friends Are Gone
10. Tornado
11. Compromise
12. Ring
13. Tic Tac Toe
14. Best Intentions

Depending upon where you are standing could very well be the center of the
earth. Depending upon where you sink your teeth in could very well be the apple
a snake gave a girl, in a garden, far across the sea… Eve.
And wouldn’t you know last night he was standing, smack dab in the center of
my dining room. And wouldn’t you know this time he was wearing a cowboy hat
and smelling of old spice perfume, like a garden, far across the sea… Eve.
Nobody understands it, no one knows why – when all you do feels second-rate:
the devils standing by… Eve.
When God made the stars and the earth and the ocean, the giraffes and the fire
and the air and the light, when God made the fish and swam back up He was
lonesome so out of everything made someone – a girl – so sweet in His sight, in
a garden, far across the sea… Eve. -Sue Demel


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