Late Night Elaborations


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“Something in me trusted something in you
The time came when we were more than two
and now some nights, when I’m still awake late
and our future together seems a questionable fate
I put on some lipstick and have a glass of wine
and court the solace of the passing time…”

-from “Wedding Dress”

Chicagoan Jenny Bienemann’s “Late Night Elaborations” is a daringly
produced, sparkling sonic delight. Her songs are fresh and honest, falling somewhere between winking innocence and worldly detachment – life isn’t easy, but it’s really okay. With each lyric firmly grounded in the everyday, Beinemann’s hip guitar riffs, vocal overlays and idiosyncratic pacing lend the project the feel of a dream sequence.

1. Downpour
2. Look at the Sky
3. Imaginary Battles
4. I Wanna Be Sedated
5. Wedding Dress
6. Why Didn’t You
7. I Knew You
8. Rose of the Past
9. Somewhere
10. Pottery Barn
11. Cupola
12. Downpour a Deux

by Jenny Bienemann

Way out west, on 90
The sky’s a purple blue
And all the people at the rest stops
Are just like me and you
Filling up
Gearing up
Moving on and out and up

Me, I stop
Kill the motor
Check the window, ease my seat back
Smell the fry grease and the diesel
Meditate on a black tire track
I’m slowing down, looking down
The sun is slowly going down

I have left you long ago now
But the torch of my memory flares
Satin nights and cool pillows
And clothes all over the stairs
The lights are off
My mind is off
I’m willingly drifiting off

When it comes to me to ask myself
How the past got so confused with today
And to seek the answer here at this rest stop
Where the fumes and the dogs and children play
Then it seems so clear, we all came here
To fill the emptiness
Down deep somewhere

Check the tires
Check the fluids
Fill the gas tank slam the hood
Hope that sludge they pour for coffee
Can do me a little bit of good
I’m filling up, gearing up, moving on and out and up

Way out west, on 90
The sky’s a purple blue
And all the people at the rest stops
Are just like me and you.


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