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After years straddling the rock and folk circuit in upstate New York, Saratoga songwriter Michael Jerling is getting the attention he has long deserved. With a subtle but encyclopedic command of American styles and rhythms, a captivating melodic sense and incisive, clever lyrics, he is as supple a song craftsman as any riding the folk boards today. – Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

Recorded primarily in his home
studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, and mixed at Scott Petito’s NRS
Studio in Catskill, NY, Little Movies features Michael singing and
playing 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and
Tony Markellis’ acoustic fretless bass line kicks off “Dawn Patrol,”
a vivid portrait of a gated retirement community. “Old Henry’s House”
follows with the tale of an old man’s passing, as Michael’s lone
mandolin is joined by Teresina Huxtable’s foot powered reed organ and
Kevin Maul’s haunting acoustic slide guitar. The cinematic theme is
carried on in “Angelina,” a dark, crime spree flick, “Last Natural
Man’s” futuristic 12 string guitar saga, the Cold War spy movie
setting of “Dirty Little War,” and the familiar small town black &
white charm of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Other notable songs include
the funky medieval send-up of “In the Middle Ages,” a tongue-in-cheek
paean to “The Weather Channel,” “Sweet Soul Music,” a story set in
the Memphis of Stax Volt Rhythm and Blues and Dr. Martin Luther
King’s murder, and “The Flying Lawn Chair,” which tells the true
story of a Vietnam-era vet, Larry Walters, and his eccentric flight.

1. Dawn Patrol
2. Old Henry’s House
3. Angelina
4. Last Natural Man
5. Dirty Little Town
6. It’s a Wonderful Life
7. Sweet Soul Music
8. In the Middle Ages
9. Love at a Certain Age
10. The Flying Lawn Chair
11. The Weather Channel
12. These Old Photographs
13. Last Plane to Paradise
14. Only Time Will Tell

Sweet Soul Music
© 2000 Michael Jerling

It’s a rainy night in Memphis
In my mind’s eye
In a room at the Lorraine Motel
Nineteen sixty-five
Wilson Pickett and Steve Cropper
Take that gospel power
And sanctify the blues
In the midnight hour
In the midnight hour

They’ll be dancin’ in Chicago
Up in Detroit too
They’ll be dancin’
In the high school gym
They’ll be dancin’
To that sweet soul music

One hand on the volume
One foot on the gas
Through the darkness of the great Midwest
A car pulls out to pass
And the road goes on forever
Toward that radio tower
Fifty thousand watts burn
Through the midnight hour
Through the midnight hour

They’ll be dancin’ in Houston
Up in New York too
They’ll be dancin’
In the corner bar
They’ll be dancin’
To that sweet soul music

It’s another night in Memphis
Nineteen sixty eight
The trash piles on the corner
And the hour is late
In a room at the Lorraine Motel
The walls are wired
There’s blood out on the pavement
And the sky’s on fire
The sky’s on fire

They’ll be burnin’ in Chicago
Up in Detroit too
They’ll be burnin’ down
The high school gym
They’ll be burnin’ down
That sweet soul music
Sweet soul music
Sweet soul music


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