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Living Room, Andrew’s first recording of his new songs in 9 years, features a blending of historical, spiritual, personal and political concerns, plus “Born a Chicken”: 12 previously unrecorded, 2 old songs reworked, an epic take with the gang of “The Crawdad Song” and a setting of “The Musical Instrument,” Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s last poem. Living Room was recorded in various living rooms by Greg Figge.

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1. Hallelujah Morning
2. Walk Easy
3. People
4. The Musical Instrument
5. Jesus Born (Child of God)
6. Shout!
7. Dakota
8. The Gates of Love
9. Born a Chicken
10. Crawdad Song
11. Rabbit
12. Where You Gonna Sit Now?
13. Only For Love
14. Freedom Road
15. Of Thee I Never Weary
16. Moon and Sea

Andrew Calhoun, vocals and guitar
Casey Calhoun, vocals
Gary Cleland, bass
Tracy Grammer, vocals and violin
Big Llou Johnson, vocals
Jenifer Jordan, vocals
Lana Ferrante Lupiani, cello
Basho Parks, violin
Jenn Rawling, vocals
Runako Robinson, vocals
Darwin McBeth Walton, vocals & drum


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