Lucky Day


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A new collection of McCandless’ majestic flights of poetry, featuring nine songs and two tunes. Memory, philosophy, paranoia, stubborn love and stern regret mix it up and mingle, refracting light from the big sky.

1. I’ll Die Before I Run
2. Escape to Mexico
3. Double-O
4. Sheila Said
5. Beat the Devil
6. Lucky Day
7. Annie Laurie / Swedish Jig
8. Bats in the Belfry
9. Can’t Get to Sleep
10. The Souvenir

produced by James McCandless and Victor Sanders

James McCandless – guitar and vocals
Bob Long – keyboards
Jimmy Moore – bouzouki
Meg Thomas – percussion
Victor Sanders – guitar and vocals

Lucky Day

Bring me the sunrise in a teacup
And a bucket full of rain
Peyote in a wickiup
This could be my lucky day

Phantoms on a vision quest
Mountains of wet clay
Danger in the wilderness
Run away, castaway

Father in a suit and vest
Noble and tall
Mother in her wedding dress
Slow motion, walking down the hall

“Father, won’t you wait for me?”
“Mother, I’m reborn”
Running recklessly
Crash into the hallway door

Adobe hut
Apparitions side by side
A thunderbird, a doodlebug
Laughing and crying

God sings in the hearts of men
On the sitar
On the violin
Yes, and on the slide guitar

Candles on an old felt hat
Happy birthday to myself
A flashlight, a frightened cat
Poets on a dusty shelf

Waiting For Godot
Truth in every word
Pulse pounding like a tremolo
The goat boy is the Lord

Now I am a younger man
Comprehension within grasp
Ev’ry thing is everything
The future, the present and the past

Sunrise in a teacup
A bucket full of rain
Ev’ry thing is everything
This could be my lucky day


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