Memorial Day American Impressionist Songwriters, Volume II


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Memorial Day
American Impressionist Songwriters, Volume II

20 songs, including 16 previously
unreleased tracks. Two years in the making, Memorial Day evolved into something
of a national portrait in song, touching on the Indian Wars, slavery, World
Wars I and II, baseball, motorcycles, the Vietnam War and its aftermath, and
some studies of small towns, big towns, and struggles with love.

1. Wild Birds – Kate MacLeod
2. Get Yourself Up To Colorado – Doyle Carver
3. John Llewellyn – Annie Gallup
4. The Ballad of Eddie Klepp – Chuck Brodsky
5. Abraham Cofer – Leslie Smith
6. The Last Comanche – Brian Anderson
7. Meeting Stucky at the Gas Station – Kat Eggleston
8. Long Black Wall – Michael Jerling
9. Adolescent Jinx – Michael McNevin
10. Not the Hand of God – Erin Corday
11. Talking Island – Hugh Blumenfeld
12. You Are Here – Gina Forsyth
13. Flinty Kinda Woman – Dar Williams
14. Tangerine Shirt – Kate McDonnell
15. Garage – Andrew Calhoun
16. Last Night of Winter – Kate MacLeod
17. Trying – Randy Black
18. September Eyes – Leslie Smith
19. Memorial Day – James McCandless
20. Again, Again! – Jano Brindisi


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