Midnight on the Seas – Pint and Dale



Her voice lives on the breeze
Her spirt comes at will
In the midnight on the seas
Her bright smile haunts me still

William Pint & Felicia Dale provide decidedly different entertainment in the world of maritime music. They deliver dynamic vocals and instrumental fireworks, early music to modern, traditional sea shanties to contemporary songwriters, heart-wrenching to downright silly, with powerful harmonies and dramatic instrumental work on guitar, hurdy-gurdy, octave mandolin, penny whistles, and fiddle. Their skill at creating sonic landscapes in the studio is an unheralded element of their art. Their material is well researched, authentic and from the heart.

  1. Row On, Row On (trad/Tim Laycock/arr Pint & Dale)
  2. La Sonsonnette/Fire Maringo (Domique Forges/trad/Pint & Dale)
  3. Willy Taylor (trad)
  4. Shiny Oh/King of the ‘Ferries’ (trad shanty & tune)
  5. Valparaiso (Rita Connolly)
  6. Sally Free and Easy (Cyril Tawney)
  7. Molly St George (Thomas Connellan)
  8. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still (trad)
  9. Isaac Lewis (Tom Russell/arr Pint and Dale)
  10. Steady as You Go (Jennifer Cutting)
  11. Nasty Nell (Janie Meneely)


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