Minstrel’s Daughter


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“The arrival of a major new talent…Leonhardt is a gale force to be reckoned with.”
-Luke Torn, Pop Culture Press

Jennifer is a spirit-singer. No gimmicks, no FX. Just a raw, authentic voice. She sings from an ancient place of knowing with the courage to remember her roots. Listening to her I felt instant memory, a sense of place, reminded to pay respects to those who came before. She’s a rare talent- give a listen.
-Laney Goodman, host – Women in Music

Jennifer Leonhardt’s music, while full of familiar influences, has a different intention and effect than anything you’ve heard. Her masterful singing, poetry and arrangements offering a vision exhilaratingly greater than the sum of its parts.

“if you kiss these lips, a kiss has something binding in it
like hope, and ribbons flying ’round the ramparts of my heart…

and the skies’ll gather in conclusion day goes into night right back to day
a flower’s only purpose is just to flower and beauty is the “I” in each beholder
just as it is in my nature to die…”

Being born into a musical family out of Ft Worth, TX, home to native sons Townes van Zandt and T Bone Burnett (a band mate of one of her uncles back in the ’60s) helped develop her flexible approach to interpretation. Not allowed to listen to recorded music until her late teens, she spent long hours teaching herself piano and guitar after school and eventually listening in secret to Thelonious Monk on the radio in her room late at night. Composing and taking part in living room jams –harmonizing to Appalachian melodies or keeping time with old-time spirituals– gave her a broad musical vocabulary, and became the groundwork she needed for keeping in line with her own vision: “Music brings people home to themselves.”

Minstrel’s Daughter is dedicated to her parent’s influence. Recorded at the kitchen table in her east side Austin home with band members and musician friends and co-produced with guitarist/producer Jeff Rady with whom she co-wrote one of the tracks.

1. neruda
2. dido
3. make it the mountain
4. minstrel’s daughter
5. more rope
6. me & abigail
7. line of fire
8. black madonna
9. let the wretched come home
10. kerby lane jubilee


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