Moondancer: The Journey of the Child Within


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(Molly Gamblin Music)

Intense songs of personal
“Blessed” is glorious! Produced by Darleen Wilson.
Lui Collins – vocals, piano, guitar, crystal
singing bowls; John Cunningham – violin; Eugene
Friesen – cello; Linda Worster – vocals;
Jacqueline Schwab – piano; Richard Gates – bass;
Marty Quinn – percussion; Tim Griffin – drums;
Lorraine Lee – Celtic harp

1. Moondancer
2. Hibernation
3. Invocation
4. Move to the Now
5. The Holy Instant
6. Triceps
7. Blessed
8. Mermaid’s Lullabye
9. God Bless the Children
10. Holy Child
11. Flicker of Light
12. Moondancer


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