Mosaic (Celtic Harp)


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A wonderful mix of popular
and little-known pieces.

1. Scottish Jig (17th Century English)
2. Carolan’s Draught (Turlough Carolan)
3. Lady Iveach (Thomas Connollan)
4. The Slipper Hornpipe (Traditional Irish)
5. Sour Plumbs in Gallashiels (Adam Craig Collection, 1730)
6. Trip to Sligo / Cliffs of Moher (Traditional Irish)
7. Bessie Bell (Adam Craig Collection, 1730)
8. Harlequin Hornpipe (Traditional Welsh)
9. Granu Weal (Traditional Irish)
10. I Love My Love For She Loves Me (Gow Repository, 1799)
11. Mrs. Crofton Turlough Carolan
12. Pont Menai
13. Colonel John Irwin
14. Gander in the Pratie Hole / Merrily Kiss the Quaker (Traditional Irish)
15. Santa Maria (13th Century Spanish)
16. Blind Mary (Attributed to T. Carolan)


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