Mother Tongue


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Jonathan Byrd & the Sentimentals

The songs on this recording are often lyrically dark and thought provoking, with a powerful poeticism and memorable melodies…excellent vocals.

—American Roots UK

Mother Tongue is an audio handshake and international conversation between philosophy and rock ‘n’ roll. Acclaimed songwriters – Jonathan Byrd of North Carolina and MC Hansen of Denmark – create new songs inspired by ideas of Kierkegaard and Bob Dylan. MC sings in English. The Sentimentals, his talented Danish trio, offer their sympathetic support on Hansen and Byrd’s songs.

“Kierkegaard broke through the language barrier with the power of his ideas. Dylan used hymns and folk songs to get a new kind of lyric over.  Each forced opposing elements into a single idea, ‘to separate what is inseparably joined in order to put it together again,’ says Kierkegaard. Dylan sings, ‘to live outside the law you must be honest.'” -JB

  1. Love is the Law
  2. Natural Supernatural
  3. Mother Tongue
  4. Malchik
  5. On the Edge
  6. I Thought I’d Seen it All
  7. Working Man’s Blues #3
  8. There’s a Storm Coming
  9. Sun on the Water – Harvest Time
  10. I’m Going to Change the World
  11. Sins of Your Father


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