On A Good Day…I Am


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“SONS (Sue Demel, Bruce Roper & Deb Lader) offer a fresh perspective… The songs, all originals, are lovingly crafted with catchy hooks and clever verses. An exuberant, optimistic approach to music-making.” -Chicago Tribune

“Their vocals lean on jazzy syncopation and their lyrics are even more willing to cross from realism to surrealism.”” -The Washington Post

On A Good Day… I Am delivers the Sons’ distinctive mix of 3-part harmonies driven by quirky lyrics and an eclectic grouping of traditional folk instruments. A sonic journey through a
neighborhood of thematically linked, intertwining songs.
On A Good Day… I Am is Sons at their best; experimental, poetic, harmonic, and wise. On this walk through each song, you will be teased by the weaving of the 2 themes intertwined as thematic remembrances… It is like coming home to a surprise party. Guest musicians bring unique voices to melody and countermelodies. Reprises shine and underlying interludes within songs make this album a magical listening experience. Songs like Bruce Roper’s “Pablo Neruda” will have you thinking and tapping your foot at the same time, Sue Demel’s “Twiggy Little Bird” will make you wanna fly, and Deborah Lader’s much requested song “Pass It On” will move you to sing along and take action. Guest musicians include the Kairos Quartet, John Abbey/bass, Tony Dale/drums, June Shellene/piano, Jim Dewan/ bouzouki, Bob Long/organ, Dirk Urban/accordian, Bob Egan/pedal steel, Michael Favreau/clarinet, Victor Sanders/electric guitar, and surprise guest vocalists. What makes this a true to form Sons album is that it delivers their distinctive 3-part harmonies driven by an eclectic grouping of traditional folk  instruments. This release however has its own new colors when combining a great new batch of Sons songs with haunting string quartet arrangements by Cathy Kuna, tying the pieces together by an invisible thread, a reprise, a memory, a new tradition of sorts. Songwriting icon Michael Smith says this is Son’s best c.d. to date. We think you’ll agree. Have a good day with Sons of the Never Wrong!

Sometimes a collection of songs is a neighborhood.
Sometimes we forget the sidewalk is more walk than side, or maybe it is more side than walk, you just never know.
This then is not the houses in the town but the dear, little things cemented in the walk; the fallen leaf impression, the shiny stone, the cat paws path to nowhere, the secret refrains.
On a good day if you dance the cat paws, skip the shiny stone, leaf your own impression, and listen for the secrets … you are.

1. I Am (B. Roper) 4:21
2. I Saw Sorrow (B. Roper) 3:29
3. – intrada :25
4. Say Goodbye (S. Demel) 3:02
5. Pass It On (D. Lader) 4:01
6. All In A Song (B. Roper) 3:15
7. Head Over Heels (B. Roper) 5:09
8. Twiggy Little Bird (S. Demel) 4:53
9. Leona (D. Lader) 3:28
10. On a Good Day (S. Demel) :49
11. Prodigal Son (B. Roper) 3:50
12. – interlude :19
13. Order In My House (D. Lader) 3:19
14. Other Things (S. Demel) 3:49
15. Pablo Neruda (B. Roper) 4:52
16. – intermezzo :24
17. Painting The Boat (D. Lader) 4:21
18. – &intheend :37

Bruce Roper: guitar, piano, vocals
Deborah Maris Lader: guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandocello, vocals
Sue Demel: guitar, vocals
Kairos Quartet: Cathy Kuna, cello; Marla Caballero, viola; Timothy Olson, violin; Kimberly Milligan, violin


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