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Waterbug is an artists’ cooperative CD label founded by Chicago singer-songwriter Andrew Calhoun in 1992. The anthologies are funded by the artists and sold cheap in order to help one another get heard.

“It was much easier to find out who was worth listening to when the whole folk scene was driven solely by people’s hunger for meaning. These days I look first to Andrew Calhoun’s Waterbug label.” – Bob Franke

“Andrew Calhoun’s Waterbug showcases, like his label, are wonderful not just because of the music and the performances, but because of their great artistic integrity, their sense of love, excitement, and risk taking, and because Andrew has superb taste…” -Bob McWilliams, KANU (folk dj listserv)

“I am continually amazed at the quality of the music/artists available through Waterbug. You people are superb.” -C. Huegel, Tarpon Springs, FL

“The Collections that I recently ordered were simply incredible. I would like to place an order for the several artists below…” -S. Arnold, Belle Mead, NJ

1. Rick Lee “Bear”
2. Julie Henigan “The Cowboy’s Girl”

3. Kate MacLeod “The Long Ride Home”

4. Michael Jerling “Wide Awake In Parsippany”

5. Kate McDonnell “Don’t Fix My Faucet”

6. Andrew Calhoun “Vancouver”

7. Kat Eggleston “True Story”

8. Susan Shore “Corner Of the Sky”

9. Colum Sands “Directions”

10. Sons Of the Never Wrong “Consequence Of Speech”

11. Sam Pacetti “Ascension”

12. Sloan Wainwright “Here Comes the Rain”

13. Erin McKeown “Fast As I Can”
14. Tom Payne “Thirty Pieces Of Silver”

15. Therese Honey “I Love My Love For She Love Me”

16. William Pint & Felicia Dale “The Trees Are All Bare”

17. Les Barker “Go, Stay, and Fetch”

18. Mary Melena “Courtship of the Brown Recluse”

19. Gina Forsyth “Texas Waltz”

20. Cosy Sheridan “Walk Into Heaven”


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