One If By Hand


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(Gadfly Records)

The Sons’ Nancy Walker is
replaced by Deb Lader
(vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin and spoons) for
their third CD. More wild, mysterious quirky
songs, including “Madame Butterfly,” “Hallelujah
For The Getaway,” and “Jonah” from Bruce Roper,
“My Last Boyfriend” and “Magnetic Poetry” from
Deb, and “Comet” and “Home Hymn” from Sue Demel.
With Kathy Kuna, cello; Al Ehrich, bass; Victor
Sanders, electric guitar; Heath Chapell, drum kit
and bongos; and more.

1. Madame Butterfly
2. Comet
3. Jonah
4. My Last Boyfriend
5. One Simple Question
6. Hallelujah
7. No 1-4 Me
8. Getting Better
9. Secrets
10. Magnetic Poetry
11. Teva
12. Home Hymn
13. Sleeping Bag


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