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This CD is my most personal one in a long time. These songs were written on the journey my life took from 2012 to 2014: the ending and loss of my long-time partnership with TR Ritchie; finding a new life and love; moving back to New England; and then in December 2013, learning that TR was ill with pancreatic cancer. In many ways TR begins and ends this song cycle: the first song I wrote was “The First Song”, and the last one was “Sing Goodbye”. Thank you for listening.

1. Drive On
How do we keep an open heart in the midst of loss?
I’m working hard to let it all fall apart / not to throw the world out of my heart.

2. Pretty Bird
This song began as a goodbye to Moab, Utah, where I lived for 20 years. When I learned he was ill, it became a song for TR. I think he would like to come back as a raven.

3. The First Song

This is the first song I wrote after TR and I split up – it took me 6 months to have the courage to write again.

4. Rise Out of the Water
I have often looked for the mythic story that seems to be running in the background at certain times in my life.

5. Sing Goodbye
If I am overwhelmed emotionally, I often pick up my guitar and sing: I sing when I don’t know/ I sing to hold on and I sing to let go.

6. Lost and Found

I have no sense of direction. I was always getting lost in the first year after TR and I split up; it seemed like I was getting lost in the physical world as well as the psychological one. Then I got an iphone 5, and Siri started helping me to navigate my new life.

7. Sweet Animal
This is a love song for my new sweetheart, who I was falling in love with as the winter came on, and as clementines appeared in the grocery stores. I love clementines – they are my favorite winter food. I think of winter as the season of the clementine.

8. Welcome to Boston
My tribute to the Boston driver: that over-caffeinated alpha driver you see in your rearview mirror.

9. Charlie is my Darling
Inspired by Charlie on the MTA, Freight Train, and my sweetie, Charlie, coming home exhausted after teaching tennis all day in the summer.

10. The Sandman’s Ride
A lullaby for a little boy. I love the idea that when we sleep, we “take the Sandman’s Ride.”

West Side Folk called Cosy Sheridan “one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful singer-songwriters.” She caught the attention of national folk audiences in 1992 when she won the Kerrville Folk Festival and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival songwriting contests. The Boston Globe dubbed her “one of the best new singer/songwriters.”

She has released 10 CDs; her music is featured in the Robert Fulghum multi-media novel The Third Wish, and she tours consistently throughout the US. Her concerts are wide-ranging explorations of modern mythology (meet Hades the Biker), love songs for adults, contemporary philosophy for the thoughtfully-minded and her signature parody on aging and women. She co-founded The Moab Folk Camp and has and has been a sought-after teacher and clinician for the past 20 years.


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