Quietly Led/Late Bloomer


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Cosy’s first two albums are
now available on one CD. One of our first
releases, Quietly Led was a public radio hit in 1993. Said the Boston
Globe: “…one of the best new singer-songwriters in the United
States.” Produced by Kent Allyn, Rick Watson and Sheridan.”

1. Quietly Led
2. Too Much Time
3. The Losing Game
4. I’d Fall For You
5. Love’s Lullaby (Steve Fisher)
6. Sharp Objects
7. Not Like You
8. Therapy
9. Highway Jerry Wants a Downtown Address
10. Lullabies
11. Masterpiece
12. Streetlights
13. Late Bloomer
14. The Bering Sea
15. Highwire
16. Dead End
17. Waltz for Arizona
18. Windchimes


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