Second Nature


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“Kat Eggleston’s songs touch
a wide range of life’s experiences with unusual clarity and authority. On Second
we’re in for honest lyrics honestly sung. In a clear alto with flawless
intonation, Kat Eggleston goes straight to the lyrical and emotional truth of
every word and every note. Her musings on home, childhood, and her father’s
garden are gems of direct, unassuming plainspokenness. “Fury” and “The Stranger”
-the first a narration of domestic violence, the second a surprising, slightly
oblique tale of an abortion told to a friend-push hard at our senses and then
demand we return again to pick up the pieces we dropped on first hearing, pieces
that fill in another and another of the gaps in our comprehension of these difficult
and personal experiences.
This collection of eight original, two traditional, and two cover songs hangs
together beautifully in Eggleston’s trim, no-nonsense arrangements. She and
her guitar are discreetly and variously backed by fretless bass, piano, keyboard,
cello, mandolin, uillean pipes, whistle, and bouzouki.
The two cover songs are inevitably by two other tough, uncompromising songwriters-Jano
Brindisi (“On My T.V.”) and Andrew Calhoun (“Day In and Night Out”). Second
is songwriting and singing of singular quality, one of the jewels of
the past year.”
– Dwight Thurston, The Canton Voice

The moment I said I was fine
Somehow you knew I was lying
One friend could be told
Now if they ask you
where I’ve been
Tell ’em you don’t know
I’ve been to the stranger…

1. Home
2. Trouble
3. Paper Boats
4. Fury
5. My Father’s Garden
6. I Live Not Where I Love

7. Trick Or Treat

8. On My T.V.

9. Darling Wake Up
10. Banks of Sweet Dundee
12. Day In And Night Out

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Kat Eggleston

Paper Boats

©1993 Eggleston

I would sit by the river

In the early afternoons

Making boats out of paper

Filled with summer blooms

And chase them for hours

In the shadow, and the sun,

Paper boats, filled with flowers

When I was very young.

Alone by the water

I’d fill them full of dreams,

To sail with the blossoms

At the mercy of the streams.

How long they would travel,

How far, how fast,

Didn’t seem to matter

They were never meant to last.

How can I tell you? It’s still true.

At the falling through of all my dreams and hopes

I remember the river

And paper boats.

I could lie at your side

Watching you sleep

In a room soft with dreaming, heavy with heat.

Or hold you for hours

While you drift away

To where no amount of wishing can make you stay.

How can I tell you? It’s still true.

I can love what we once were, and let you go.

From years of practice

Making paper boats.


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